You Want Dignity? You've Gotta Act Dignified.

�Oh, come on. I can�t believe you�re letting this guy get to you. You�re acting like he really did dump you, as if you really are the pathetic girl of his pathetic dream-lies.�

�Well, does it matter? I mean, if that�s what everyone believes, what does it matter if it�s not true? I�m sorry, but I just don�t know how I�m going to get through this year.�

Amy sighed again. She put a hand on her hip and held out the thumb of her other hand. �A. of all? It matters because it�s not true. You are not that pathetic girl. And B. of all?� Her pointer finger popped out.

�I�m sorry to say this but, you don�t really think that people are going around thinking about you and C.J. Logan, do you?�

�Well . . .�

�I mean, sure, some people were probably buzzing about it a couple months ago when he first wrote all that crap. And, unfortunately, again when you posted your little comment. But it�s history now. People have their own dramas. Believe me, they are not walking around obsessing about yours. What you need, my friend, is to throw yourself into something new. You want dignity? You�ve gotta act dignified. If you skulk around school, it�s only going to make things worse. People are going to think you really are what C.J. said you were. Now, how about joining Drama Club?�

I thought about my terrible acting job on the phone that morning. �I can not act.�

�You could work on sets or costumes or props.�

I shook my head.

�Well, you�ve got to do something. You can�t just spend the next year being C.J. Logan�s Ex-Girlfriend. Now that would be truly pathetic.�

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